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I started my professional teaching experience back in 2018 and continue to actively sharpen my skills in instruction as well as pedagogy. I teach within the disciplines of Asian Studies, History, and Transpacific Studies.

My teaching background is in youth work at the high school level with applications to Post-Secondary preparedness. Side interests include educational pedagogy in deliverables as well as facilitation of lessons and workshops. As an advocate for QTBIPOC2S+ education, I integrate it into my learning pedagogy by pushing students and learners to expand their cultural boundaries and develop intercultural competency. More recently, I have been teaching at the post-secondary level about sex, gender, and sexuality as well as anti-racism in academia. Whenever possible, I try to make my students connect culture to humanity. 

In the same vein, my research deals principally with how people throughout history have perceived themselves and their own identities. Through socialization and through culture, notions of sex, gender, and sexuality are negotiated and changed over time. My B.A thesis looked at how men of different classes and races negotiated this within the larger master/slave contexts of colonial Singapore. In doing so, my hope is that the people reading my research can develop a closer understanding of their own humanity and personal identity.


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A senior-level undergraduate seminar focused on the analytical lens of sex, gender, and sexuality as a key process in modernization in modern Chinese cultures (as well as how politics intersects with the body and culture). Starting from late-Qing readings and sources, this seminar charted key pivots in Chinese gender relations and conceptions of sexuality during the building of the Republic, the Cultural Revolution, and the post-Mao economic reform era. The seminar focused on what constitutes the larger cultural Sinosphere, including Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, and the experiences of the North American diaspora (the focus of which was on local Vancouver histories).



UBC ASIA 254: Sex, Gender, and Sexuality in Japanese Literature and Film

Second-year university Asian Studies lecture on Edogawa Rampo's The Caterpillar (1929) 


UBC CDST 250A: Introduction to Canada

Introductory lecture into critical issues and contentions with Asian migration into Canada with historical context. Lecture is targeted mostly at university exchange students to Canada.


"Aydin was incredibly engaged with the students whilst also supporting the professor. He provided his input and gave feedback constantly to show his involvement and love for the course. His email responses are timely, and he provides an abundance of resources for the students. His feedback on the excerpt was precise and valuable. I learned a lot from it. He also jumps in on breakout rooms to ensure everyone is on task and guides when necessary. In general, Aydin was always very well–prepared for class and made many positive contributions to lectures, which inspired free–thinking in students. He is clearly very knowledgeable in regards to the course, and it was a pleasure to have him share his knowledge with us during lectures."

ASIA 300: Critical Studies in Anime and Manga (Summer 2022)

"LOVED the course so much, and I'm so grateful that I had the opportunity to be part of it. Aydin's facilitation was amazing and he was so great at leading the class -- the modules and the content were super organized and well-laid out with care and intention, making it easy to find our readings and key topics of the week. Aydin was also an incredible instructor; helping to guide our discussions and create a learning environment that was safe and respectful of others so that people felt comfortable sharing and asking questions without judgment. Overall, so supportive and understanding!"

HIST 390A: Sex, Gender and Sexuality in Modern Chinese Cultures (Winter 2022)

"Aydin is the best TA I have had. He was deeply engaged with student's work and well–being. The comments he made during class were really funny which encouraged me to actively listen and engage in class. When he visited our group discussions, he often inspired my group members with interesting topics/ideas which made our discussions more lively. In addition, when I visited his office hours to get help with the short papers, he did not only answer all of my questions with detail but also gave helpful advice on how I could expand on my ideas or go in–depth and improve my papers. His thorough comments on my first paper and journal entries helped me to understand whether I was on the right track."

ASIA 254: Sex, Gender, and Sexuality in Japanese Literature and Film (Winter 2021)

"Aydin was very helpful. I personally sent him a lot of emails and he has answered all of them and even screenshot Canvas when I was not too familiar with the website. He is very quick with replying back to emails and does a great job at explaining his responses to the questions. The feedback he gives is also very useful and helpful for other assignments. Aydin sets a positive environment in discussions and encourages students to reach out for help when needed."

CHIN 131: Introductory Mandarin Chinese Level 1 (Winter 2020)

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